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Jella Divina Tolentino, 27

Makati City, Philippines

I am a highly proficient programmer with a high degree of knowledge in front-end / back-end development, quick learner, foodie, explorer and aspiring artist. I am currently taking up Masters in Information Systems from University of the Philippine's Open University. I am an expert in PHP, Jquery and Javascript and advanced knowledge in CSS and HTML. I am very fond with design and animation as well. Optimizing and debugging codes are one of the best things I do when it comes to programming due to the fact that I want everything to be well-organized. I also love spending time fixing every little detail of the program. I like to work with a team, because I believe that team work makes you do things faster and you'll learn from each other. I have way too many interest to name, but one of the things I want is to explore more of my creative side and make use of my imagination which might help me in my chosen field as well as my other interests in life. I work hard for things that to me are worth it and adds value to me, and I want to be surrounded by positive people.

Presently, I have started to like Hackathons, meetups and conferences. Things that involve art and exploring other programming languages is what I do on the side. If I am not working or not seen online, you'll probably find me exploring different places. One of my favorite thing in this world is a good adventure. I want to take every opportunity to learn and go to other places. Learn new culture, experience the locals and be able to keep those experiences.

I see myself as a good teammate willing to contribute everything I know for the betterment of the team and the projects. Over the last few years, I have learned to manage projects and teammates. As a leader, I have better appreciation of what a team can do if collaboration is done correctly.

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Skills & Expertise

I can say i’m quite good at



AngularJS 1


Work Experience & Accomplishments

My previous associations

Till Date

• Test and develop functional requirements
• Collaborates closely with customers throughout the development cycle
• Contributed to technical solutions from design to code developments

Skills summary: Native PHP | Laravel | Mac | PostgreSQL | MySQL | Bitbucket | Github


Contextus Community Technologies Corporation

Application Design and Development Team Lead

• Manage a group of developers
• Monitor all aspects of applications being developed to ensure the quality and deadline of applications are met
• Collaborates closely with customers throughout the development cycle
• Coordinated with marketing and business development teams
• Prioritizes programming work and assigns tasks
• Motivate development team
• Held team meetings and prioritized work tasks
• Made key decisions for process implementation
• Contributed to technical solutions from design to code developments
• Planned and implemented multiple complex solutions
• Upheld established standard policies and procedures
• Tested and developed functional requirements
• Transformed business requirements to technical design after thorough analysis
• Test methods for each developed component
• Track software issues via online bug tracker
• Create manuals and release notes as well as conduct trainings for customers
• Manages all phase of software development including enhancements and production support, analyzing requirements and specifications and developing task plans.

Skills summary: Laravel 5.6 | AngularJS | Mac | Paypal Integration | MySQL | Bitbucket | Github

Major Projects:

Camaya Coast Booking engine v.1 to v.3

Sep 2015 – Present
Online booking system that includes daytour reservation, room reservation, ferry seat allocation, online payment(using paypal) and etc. (both front end and back end)

PDC Monitoring System v.1

Jun 2016 – Jul 2016

Service Scope
Record Management
* Record basic customer details such as account name, address, contact details, property details
* Record payment information such as total contract price, down payment, number of checks submitted, monthly amortization, check number, date, etc.
* Record check status such as deposited, bounced, cleared, on-hold Report Management
* List checks that are due for replenishment
* List bounced checks
* List deposited and cleared checks
Out of Scope
The system is does not compute for interest or penalties as well as any external link to other systems (ERP, banking, etc.). Tagging of status are done manually.


TAG (formerly Zeresoft)

Junior Programmer

• Managed and prioritized multiple projects
• Developed and maintain system databases using MySQL
• Worked with 4 more junior developers and 1 senior developer
• Worked under pressure
• Troubleshoot and provided continual maintenance to application from user requests and identified bugs.

Skills summary: Yii Framework | MongoDB | MySQL | Bitbucket | Github | Ubuntu

Major Projects:


Jan 2013 – Jan 2013
It is a global membership program that aims to revolutionize spending habits. Making use of NFC (near field communication), QR (quick response) and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, members can have secured Personal IDs, create Communities, offer Deals and earn, transfer and spend Credits.(both front end and back end)


• Provide a cradle-to-grave oversight of software project management, leading the research, design, development, documentation, testing and rollout of the applications.
• Designed and developed software solutions for continuous improvement of business process.
• Mentored development teams in Agile and RAD practices.
• Involved in the development of the automated booking process of day tour, overnight and transportation for Camaya Coast for guest, admins and agents from version 1 to 3 with 24/7 support and maintenance.
• Automated monitoring system of PDCs for Camaya Coast
• Employee of the year 2012
• Beyond the Call of Duty Special Award 2016
• Developed and documented a PHP native e-voting system in 1 week on my own. (Masteral Studies Requirement)

Education & Diplomas

I can say i’m quite good at

Till Date

Master Degree of Information System

University of the Philippines - Online University

1st Year, 1st Semester

• Computer Ethics (Ethical issues confronting the computer professional)
• Principles of Programming Languages (Formal language theory, principles, and techniques of compiler construction, programming language, design concepts; parallelism and formal semantics)
• Computer Ethics

1st Year, 2nd Semester

• Advanced Computer Systems (Recent developments in computer architecture and computer systems)
• Web Information Systems (WWW programming, electronic commerce and online databases)
• Multimedia Production(Process and techniques of producing multimedia communication materials)

2nd Year, 1st Semester

• Client/Server Computing (Client/server computing techniques, system design, software and applications.)
• Strategic Information Systems Development (Information engineering concepts and tools for strategic systems planning and development.)
• Thesis 1: Information System Project Proposal (Information System Design. First and Second Semesters)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

De La Salle - Lipa

Best Thesis Awardee: Online Fitting Web Application using Augmented Reality

Junior Philippine Computer Society Member

De La Salle Danzcom PEP Squad Member


What I have done in my academic career

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